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Palm Trees Cold Hardy Zone Maps

The following maps reflect the minimum temperatures that can be expected in the United States. This serves as a guide for Palm trees but other factors are involved with the success of your Palm trees, such as; your micro-climate, the health status of your Palm Trees prior to low temperatures, how your Palm trees are protected, and the hereditary make-up of your Palm trees.

General climate zone maps are included in this section as well. Select the map you wish to view at the top of the page. These maps serves as a guide to identify potential Palm trees species that can be successful at your location based on the temperature requirements.

The following maps are included:

Koppen Geiger - Climate of the Earth

The Koppen Geiger is one of the World's most famous maps. It presents the world's climate conditions as they relate to one another. People are typically surprised to see that locations in the Middle East Have similar temperate zones to the United States.

The USDA official Interactive Hardiness Zone Map

United States Maps along with the US broken down by region and states in the warmer climates.

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